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Case Study: Canatal

Canatal logoIn addition to our many residential and commercial clients, we're also a trusted manufacturer's representative for several brands. Recently, we received a warranty service call from Canatal, a leading designer and manufacturer of precision air conditioning equipment for telecommunications, computer rooms, and other sensitive electronic applications.

Seven Canatal units at a Joint Forces site were experiencing problems. Although the units were less than two years old, they'd apparently never worked correctly. The units were meant to keep temperatures cool in a data processing area and electrical gear switching rooms. When the cooling units stopped functioning properly, temperatures in those rooms began to rise, and the client began to panic.

We arrived on site and performed a complete system evaluation. We immediately found the culprit. The units had a fouled chilled water supply and completely restricted strainers. The backup units, which should have taken over once the original units failed, were locked out by the control system.

We removed the lockouts and discovered that 4 of the 7 air cooled condensers had not been set up for proper fan rotation, which meant the refrigerant charge was incorrect. After correcting the rotation and refrigerant charge, we brought the data processing center back under temperature control.

The issue of the back-up systems failing was still a concern, however. Why didn't they kick in as designed? Working closely with the client, we established a fail-safe plan to keep redundant systems at the ready which involved flushing chilled water coils, cleaning units and pump strainers. After a cleaning and complete system start-up, the customer was delighted with their Canatal equipment and its operating ability.

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