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Homeland Creamery

Case Study: Homeland Creamery

Homeland Creamery logoIn eastern Guilford County, Homeland Creamery is something of an institution. This 6th generation dairy farm produces and bottles its own milk, cream, sweet cream butter, and 22 flavors of ice cream. So when the call came in that their production line had completely stopped due to a refrigeration problem, we knew we had to act fast. Thousands of gallons of milk and ice cream were at risk.

The Bowman family, the owners of the dairy, had braced themselves for the very worst news when we arrived on site to evaluate their system. They had been told horror stories of replacement time and expense from other vendors. Once we began our evaluation, we found that the problem was an isolated refrigerator leak located outside of the evaporator. We quickly staunched the leak, and got the production line going again immediately.

The Bowmans were delighted at how little down time and disruption our repair caused. Once the crisis was over, we began discussing their overall refrigeration needs. They mentioned that their current system was having a hard time keeping up with the capacity of the production line.

We recommended converting their coolant from R-22 to 404A to address their capacity concerns. They made the switch and the dairy is now easily able to meet production demands without having to replace the entire system.

We pride ourselves in solving problems in the best way for our clients.

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